Our Story

The Power of Unity


Transformative Black love: a cornerstone for thriving communities. Our bond exemplifies resilience, mutual respect, and deep-rooted love, fostering strong families and nurturing future generations. Demonstrating that Black love is a vital force in building unity, stability, and enduring legacies."

where it started

Building a family

Almost 20 years ago, our family—just mom, dad, and one son—started in NYC. Driven by our faith and passion, we set out to build an empire and grow a family with a love for God, family, fashion, culture, and community. Despite being told that we wouldn't be able to have any children, God had a different plan.

From those humble beginnings, God has performed miracle after miracle in our lives. Our family grew, and the journey truly began.

how it's going

Building a Brand

Five years ago, our family faced tough times, moving to Texas with our fifth child and relying on a single teacher's income. We felt the world's prejudice firsthand, discussing with our teenage son how his Black skin painted him as a villain. Inspired by the viral "I LOVE YOU, BLACK MAN" video, we created a bold statement of love and affirmation. Today, 'I LUV YOU (BLK)' celebrates black love and self-worth, inspiring others to embrace their authentic selves through every piece we create.

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Building Family bonds


We realized that raising our children requires a strong sense of identity, and self-acceptance empowering them to face the world with confidence and pride. This foundation creates an unbreakable bond within the family, rooted in mutual respect and unconditional support, ensuring that no matter where life takes them, they always carry the strength and love of their family with them.