It’s not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle.

We envision Black people as walking billboards from coast to coast and worldwide sharing love with other people who share similar struggles. Black men and women loving one another. Black men recognizing the King in each other and Black women celebrating royalty in one another.

The phrase I LUV YOU (BLK) is a positive affirmation for self, where self-love is paramount. We’re confronting the self-hatred within our community by reclaiming and proclaiming love publicly and unashamedly. This display of love is what we pass down to the coming generations.


We’re reclaiming and proclaiming (BLK) love publicly and unashamedly.


"I LUV YOU (BLK) is a positive affirmation for self, where self-love is paramount."

There has been an increase in the broadcasting of African-American people being degraded and mercilessly killed on social media and the news. One night, I came across a video in which several African-American women repeated the phrase, “I love you Black man.” To hear those words repeatedly, my heart was pierced with a feeling of appreciation.

There’s a shortage of love among ourselves. The vision came to me to just print the simple yet so powerful phrase on a t-shirt.

We’re a young Black family consisting of more than one parent and multiple children. Society leads you to believe that a Black man and woman cannot coexist in love and support a family of multiple children. What I find most is that people are mesmerized by the size of our family. The Black family portrayed in the media today seems to consist of a single mom and multiple children. We’re providing the balance for our children that we weren’t given. For the family is the foundation for communities and onto the nation. My wife and I come from single-parent homes and we break generational curses daily!

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